Wilmslow Green Room has announced that they will call themselves The Green Room Theatre, Wilmslow with a new logo to launch their new name from the start of next season which will open with a welcoming event called ‘We’re Open’, featuring three separate nights of entertainment which will run from 23rd to 25th September.

Al Fowkes, Chairman of The Green Room commented: ‘We are all looking forward to welcoming people back to the theatre after 18 months of lockdown with ‘We’re Open’ and what better way to do it than with a fresh forward looking new name and new branding that will be working hard for us to take the theatre into what we hope will be a brighter, better and even more successful future.’
The theatre hopes that the new name and new branding will help The Green Room to reach out and appeal to a new group of younger adults in the 25 to 45 year old age group to join as actors or to get involved in some of the other departments that make the theatre work like stage management, front of house, publicity, box office, wardrobe, sound and lighting and workshop.
As Al explains, ‘The name change to ‘The Green Room’ was chosen because that’s how most people refer to us most often. We hope it will make it easier for people to remember who we are, especially those who don’t know too much about us already, so that if they are interested in getting involved or want to support us by coming to see a play then they’ll remember our name and get in touch with us when the time is right for them.’
The logo itself features two prominent colours, dark green and the light green which will not only help the theatre’s marketing and publicity materials to stand out but they also represent the heritage of the theatre. The dark green is the same colour as the very first lettering used for the theatre name when works were completed on the Chapel Lane building in the 1990’s and the light green represents 40 years of The Green Room’s highly acclaimed open air theatre performances on the lawn at Gawsworth Hall.
Al added: ‘We have a unique performance space at The Green Room which the new logo’s archway symbol represents. It’s an exact scale drawing of the actual archway of the theatre entrance and symbolises our place, the building on Chapel Lane, Wilmslow where it all happens. We have a unique theatre performance space here where we can seat our audiences on either side or around the acting area which has the effect of making them feel like they are actually in the room where the play takes place. We very much look forward to welcoming our audiences back to The Green Room for the new season.’
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