The Green Room Theatre is currently raising funds to improve our facilities and create more space within the building to bring our theatre up to date and secure our future.

Plans include the construction of an extension to the rear of the theatre, to create further space for our important Wardrobe Department (which will then all be on the ground floor) and to accommodate our “Props”.

This will make space available for the conversion of a first floor room into a rehearsal room. We also plan improvements to the entrance area, the upstairs room at the “cottage” end of the building, and eventually to replace the existing workshop.

Funds have already been raised to cover the anticipated cost of the rear extension.

Further fundraising will be required to cover the cost of the other works we plan, and this will call for the commitment and enthusiasm of all members and supporters.

It is hoped that most of these works will be completed by 2024, which will be the Green Room’s Centenary Year.

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