Improbable Fiction by Alan Ayckbourn

When: Tuesday 25 January, 7.30pm

Where: The Green Room Theatre, 85 Chapel Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5JH

Play run: 11 to 18 June 2022

Director: Victor Hassan

Directors Notes:
The play starts as a meeting of the local writers’ circle with their tensions and rivalries and especially that, despite their enthusiasm to be published authors and all with their special areas of interest, none of them has been able to write anything. Suddenly there is a clap of thunder and then their different stories, if they had been able to write them, are played out in a hilarious second act.

The characters and their suggested ages (these ages are very flexible):

Arnold, the Chairman of the group (late 40s)

Jess, a farmer and writer of historical romance (40s)

Grace, a put-upon abused housewife and writer of children’s fiction (40s)

Vivvi, an effusive journalist and writer of crime fiction (30s)

Clem,  a nerdish council worker and writer of science fiction (30s)

Brevis, a retired irascible school teacher who writes musical adaptations (mid 60s)

Ilsa, a local shop assistant who helps out Arnold (18 – 25).

All welcome, please just come along or for more details email the Play & Stage committee

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