Single Spies by Alan Bennett
2 to 9 April 2022

Alan Bennett’s Olivier Award winning comedy masterpiece uncovers the true stories behind two notorious spies.

Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were members of the infamous Cambridge Spies. This compelling double bill, set in both Moscow and London, chronicles their extraordinary lives: secret identities, police interrogations, and encounters with the Queen.

In An Englishman Abroad, double agent Guy Burgess has defected to the Soviets and is living in Moscow. But when he’s visited by the actress Coral Browne, Burgess entrusts her with a top secret mission of her own.

As A Question of Attribution shows, there was nobody Sir Anthony Blunt didn’t know. As Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, he was on friendly terms with Her Majesty. But with an art forgery on his hands and a policeman in his office, Blunt’s latest trip to Buckingham Palace is looking awkward…

These witty comedies are as fascinating as they are funny.

Cast: An Englishman Abroad

Guy BurgessPaul Lewis
Coral BrowneJane Newman
TolyaCharlie Cook
TailorCharlie Cook
Shop AssistantCharlie Cook

Cast: A Question of Attribution

Anthony BluntJohn Westbrook
ChubbFred Donnan
The QueenGemma Duncan
Restorer / ColinCharlie Cook
PhillipsToby Harris


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The 2021-22 season is sponsored by: SC & P Jones (91 Chapel Lane)Builders & Plumbers merchant and bathroom specialists


Director: An Englishman AbroadHelen Bingle
Director: A Question of AttributionLinda Batson
Stage ManagerVictoria Johnson
PromptDiana Boswell
PropsBelinda Coghlan, Dave Clarkson, Alan James
ASMDave Clarkson
LightingChris Hills, Bruce Williams
Sound / ProjectionsMark Seyler
WardrobeJo Everett, Di James
Balalaika adviceIan Parker
Rehearsal photographsChris Hills
Ticket secretaryAl Fowkes
House ManagerCelia Bonner, David Reynolds, Steve Williamson
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