Mrs Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw
5 to 12 May 2018

George Bernard Shaw’s scathing comedy about social hypocrisy and the excesses of capitalism.

Mrs. Kitty Warren worked her way out of the London slums and now lives abroad, having provided her daughter Vivie with the education and means to grow into a smart, independent young woman of strong convictions. When Mrs. Warren returns, mother and daughter discover that neither is the woman they thought they knew.

This provocative comedy was written in 1893. It was originally banned by the Lord Chamberlain and eventually performed in 1902.


Mrs. Kitty WarrenTracy Burns
Mr. PraedVictor Hassan
Sir George CroftsPaul Lewis
Rev. Samuel GardnerCharlie Cook
Vivie WarrenLorna Kong
Frank Gardner Tim Strang


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DirectorsHelen Bingle, Jill Stringer
Stage managerJean Barrett
PropsFenella Fowkes
ASMCaroline Lucas, Jane Hyde, Clare Lewis
PromptLiz Cook
Set designMike Bullimore
LightingBruce Williams
SoundMark Seyler, Alison Jenkins
WardrobeLinda Batson, Belinda Coghlan
Rehearsal photographsLes Stringer
House ManagerAnne Cichocki, Ian McBride
Ticket SecretaryIan Cole
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