Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington
27 January to 3 February 2018

England, 1964. Mary is seventeen, single and seven months pregnant.

Bundled off to St Saviours, a Church of England-run mother and baby home, her concerned mother has arranged for Mary’s baby to be adopted immediately it is born. The girls in the home find comfort in each other’s friendship, but ultimately they must face their individual tragedies alone.

Set to the uplifting sounds of 60s girl-group pop ‘Be My Baby’ follows Mary and her fellow inmates as they cling to youthful fantasies of romance and marriage but instead are drawn inexorably towards outraged, powerless adulthood.

Be My Baby is by the same author as the award winning The Thrill of Love which was produced at Wilmslow Green Room in 2015.


Mary AdamsNiamh Phelan
DoloresJess Trimble
QueenieEmma Pythian
NormaAtusa Sade
MatronColette Fitton
Mrs AdamsJill Ollerenshaw


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DirectorIan McBride
Assistant directorColette Fitton
Musical directorChris McClory
Stage managerJill Hine
ASMsEwan Henderson, Jane Hyde
PropsFenella Fowkes
PromptBelinda Coghlan
LightingChris Hills, Bruce Williams
SoundJohn Coghlan
WardrobePat Barrow, Olive Bradbury, Eva Krystek
Rehearsal photographsHeather Calderbank, Chris Hills
House ManagerShan Bristow, Caroline Lucas
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